Sunday, September 28, 2014

Writing for Maharishi School--a New and Interesting Angle to Writing

I've been enjoying writing so much as a "journalist" that it's been a month since I posted here.

I promise to post here more often now. Here are some favorite posts to the Maharishi School blog that I've written in the last month. It was a pleasure to write these, and I'm happy to share them with you.

Laurie Kavanaugh Retires After 32 Years at Maharishi School
If service or volunteerism were to have a face, it would be that of Laurie Kavanaugh, a “just shy of 32 years” staff member at Maharishi School, who is retiring this September. During those years, she has worn many hats, but they all centered around helping the school run smoothly.
Maharishi School Senior Dia Huggins Volunteers in Africa 
Their service project was to build a library, “the first of its kind in the area,” next to the school in the community of Loibor Siret. The students would then teach “in the school, conduct animal counts on the Maasai Steppe, monitor game cameras, and participate in building ‘living walls’ to reduce the conflict between lions and the cattle of the Maasai herdsmen.”
Greg Thatcher, Teacher and Artist, Pursues His Vision in England
What does a fine artist who is also a teacher do for recreation when the school year ends? If you’re Maharishi School art teacher and department chair Greg Thatcher, you go to England and spend a month drawing the sacred yew trees in St. Mary's Churchyard, Painswick, Gloucestershire.
Maharishi School Senior Wins First Place in Entrepreneurial Course at Babson College
Maharishi School senior Zhou, Huijun (Queena) attended this summer a five-week Entrepreneurial Development Experience course at Babson College at its Wellesley campus in Babson Park, Massachusetts, outside of Boston. Her course-long team project, “Foundation Education,” designed a non-profit tutoring organization and won first place among the course’s 69 students that composed 19 groups.
I've found the discipline of writing this blog has made writing regular press releases and posting them on the school's Facebook pages not a big learning curve. One main (and good) lesson has been to write from a professional rather than personal perspective--more objectivity, I suppose. Another good learning point has been to regularly let others (my editors/bosses) preview my writing. That's leaned up my prose.

I could also talk about what I'm learning about marketing, but I think I'll save that for another post. Nice to be back, hope you're glad to hear from me.

Note: I'm re-posting this article since my blog was off the internet for about two weeks. I had originally posted it on my original blogspot site rather than my dotcom site, but I don't think it was forwarded as usual.

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