Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Day Out with Mom #29: 68th Wedding Anniversary

"Hi, Mom. Happy 68th wedding anniversary!"

"Thank you. I don't have my hearing aid in, so I'm not hearing so good."

"That's OK. I just wanted to call."

"I vacuumed the rug today. It's your dad's and my wedding anniversary, but the house still has to be clean."

"That's one thing you and Dad taught me--to be clean."

"Remember that floor buffer for the hardwood floor we had out on Plumas Avenue? Your dad got that for one of our wedding anniversaries. He was always so happy when he could do something like that for me. He got us what we needed. Do you remember the time I buffed the floor and you sat on top of the buffer? Back and forth, back and forth you went!"

"I remember how shiny the floors always were. It was a long time ago."

"Over fifty years. We only did it for a bit so we wouldn't burn out the motor. We had many wonderful anniversaries together, your dad and me. I liked your card. Dad never had a Thunderbird for a car, but he had a friend who had one."

"I liked how the couple were kissing--actually how the wife was leaning over and kissing the husband."

"Everybody deserves a kiss now and then. We should appreciate the times we've had. I'm lucky. I've had good men in my life. My dad was a good man. My brother was, too, although his health isn't good now. Your dad was a good man, and now you two boys help me and your dad."

"We're lucky to have you."

"We're going to see Dad tomorrow. He weighs just 116 pounds. I don't know how much longer he's going to be with us."

"Give him a kiss for me."

"I will. He forgets a lot--but he doesn't forget me and I don't forget him."

"You've both had a good life."

"Yes, we have, many good times. When I'm sad, I'm sad, but I can still remember the good times. We all have many reasons for being happy. We have to remember that. Now, you go and kiss your wife and let her kiss you back."

"Just like in the card I sent."

"Just like that! We make ourselves happy by making someone else happy. It's better than sunshine. It's like the song: 'You are my sunshine . . .'"

"'You make me happy, we skies are grey . . .' That's what I want, Mom. When the lights go out, I want to remember the sunshine."

"And those you love."

"All those who bring the sunshine."

Copyright 2014 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


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