Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Next Fantasy Story Is a Rewrite

Now that I've finished A Day Out with Mom, I want to spend some time writing some fantasy short stories set in the Dragons of Blood and Stone universe, eventually to compile them into a collection, Tales of the Stone Dragon Inn. It's like going on a journey in the universe of my imagination, five hundred to several thousand words at a time!

Here are some stories I've written and need to polish:
  • a baker who conjures the spirits of his ingredients
  • a sea dragon in a woman's body who has forgotten her true self
  • a magician with the horrible power to grant to others what they really want
  • a healer who starts with the soul . . . and a window
  • a child who finds a beast within the river willows
Which one will I work on first? I don't really care! I'll make them all easily accessible (some were written a while ago and stuck in corners) and then set aside the time.

The world of the imagination is real. It just has that dreamlike quality of those times and places when we finally arrive for the first time at a long-awaited destination, at dawn or sunset, sky filled with wind and fire, the path before us and children in the distance, calling and laughing, expecting and unexpected guest.

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    1. I just wrote a RD for this week's writing prompt at Indies Unlimited, "The Fog of Memory." That was a fun way to begin the morning!