Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Day Out with Mom #3: Dependable Underwear

"Tom, that train ride to Iowa is a long one, isn't it?"

"About two days."

"Maybe you should take some of your Dad's absorbant underwear with you. He's in the rest home now, and these are just sitting here not being used."

"Mom! They've got bathrooms on the train. I don't need a diaper."

"It's a long ride. Maybe you won't make it to the restroom or will have to wait too long in line."

"They've got restrooms for each car, about six, in fact."

"Maybe for while you're sleeping. It can sneak up on you!"

"I'll be OK."

". . . You know, sometimes at your age you can leak."

"I know, and it's nobody's fault, but I'm really OK, Mom."

"They're nice and padded, too. You said it's a long trip."

"The seats aren't that bad."

"We've got several boxes, so there's no need not to take some in your bag, just in case."

"Honest, Mom, I'll be fine. Maybe next time, OK?"

Meanwhile, my brother is silently laughing his head off. Laughing so hard, I hope he pees his pants.

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