Sunday, October 11, 2015

Amtrak and Colorado River Rafting

It seems to be a tradition for Colorado River rafters to amuse Amtrak travelers. While on the train traveling east, I saw many folks floating down the Colorado--and one woman chose to pull up her top for the travelers, and one man chose to moon us.

This, of course, was from some distance, so it wasn't a case of too much information.

I did videotape the rafters and made a short visual chronicle of the observation car's perspective. In the car, a couple of musicians did some pickin', which added to the relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. I was also provided the opportunity to rip the sound from the video and to just lay down the sound for the project.

Here is the video. It even includes the exhibitionist woman--tiny rafts beached and tinier humans.

I have more YouTube videos on my channel.


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