Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My New Morning Routine

Here I am bonding with Mr. Coffee. Then it's bacon and sausage and eggs with toast for the crew. 

This morning I take Mom to the doctor and then my brother this afternoon. 

Mom and I will visit Dad's and my sister's graves this morning. She wants to put some of our favorite Christmas ornaments on each site, which I think is both thoughtful and creative, sweet too. I got all choked up when she was explaining her idea. 

My laugh yesterday was that I couldn't find a bag of clothes that I store here. Then when I was helping Mom with the ornaments (She got them out of the closet herself. I found her halfway through the project.), I saw a paper sack. 

"What's that?" I asked. 

"Oh, just some old clothes I'm going to throw away. "

It was my lost sack of clothes. Mom and I laughed at that. 

It looks like there's a good chance Mom will be coming to Iowa to live with us and the family. We just have to get my brother  able to get along on his own. 

I wonder what adventures today's day out with Mom will bring?


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