Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mom's in Charge

It's obvious that Mom's mind is still sharp.

When I mentioned the possibility of her living in Iowa, she said, "Well, I'm easy to get along with. " There wasn't any difficulty in processing the idea. 

I've offered the idea, but it is obvious that her connection with Oroville and with my brother Pat is very strong. Nothing wrong with that. My brother is also progressing rapidly. It's also true that the idea of having a purpose is important, and that helping one another gives meaning. 

It's very possible, perhaps even probable, that Mom will be staying here in Oroville. I have introduced the concept of life in Iowa, though, and that's important because it lets both her and my brother know there are possibilities. 

What's in the future is not clear right now, and that's OK. It's Mom's life and choice. She has that ability and right to choose. 

Of course, I also have choices--such as coming back in a month to visit, rather than waiting three or four months. Give everyone a chance to mull over possibilities--but not too long away. 

Nature organizes. 

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