Thursday, December 17, 2015

WTF? My Short Story Morphs Again, This Time to First-Person POV

Jordan Kerbow @ deviantart
I suppose there's an easier way to write, like planning, like outlining, like sketching.

I've even done it a bit. However, this story keeps plugging along, and then something starts bothering me, something just isn't strong enough, and then I see a new way--and it's . . . okay, start over.

Actually, I love the process, but I would like to finish this short story by the end of the year!

I realized, waking in the middle of the night, that I didn't want to tell the story from the third-person limited point of view. I needed another character to witness the event and to tell how it happened.

So, hello Fingers, the pickpocket, who told me this morning:
I like the roof on Old Jin’s place. It’s pretty high on th’ hill, not as high as Dragon’s Head, but still high enough t’ see th’ sky when th’ sun’s goin’ down, gulls in from th’ sea, lookin’ for bugs, starlings on their way to th’ woods t’ roost, watchin’ out for hawks.
He's told me a bit more, and I've got a few things to tell him. And this, at dawn this morning, is all I have to tell you.


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