Monday, November 28, 2016

Three Days Left for This Fund Raiser
Every day Morgan stands outside the men's dome on MUM campus, selling cookies and seeking donations for her course fee to learn the TM-Sidhis program. She's been doing this for over a month.

Imagine Morgan standing at attention behind her stool, holding a pie plate of cookies, her hood up, the faux-fur ruff whipped by the wind. Or don't imagine but head out at dawn to see her on duty.

In the rain. Surrounded by a white hard frost. Wind-blown and red-nosed.

I call this perseverance, and I hope Morgan Potts can receive the funds she needs to achieve her goal. Anyone who wants to contribute to her goal can do so at her Go Fund Me site.

Here is the online link:

As of today, Monday, she has three days left!


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