Thursday, November 24, 2016

Words of Thanks

I wake in the early AM of this Thanksgiving Day.

In the dark enveloping warmth of bed, there are no responsibilities, nothing to do. I float in darkness, in nothingness, in consciousness. I'm surrounded by space, am space. I breathe--in, out. Such a simple expression of life.

I remember how a word, a phrase would come to me, and I would close my eyes and sink into those words, surrounded by space, the words becoming transparent, permeated by space, expressions of the ultimate essence of space. Just the words, the meaning, the being behind the meaning, being expressing qualities of itself.

I remember how my first wife Barbara would say, "Breathe, Tom. Remember to breathe."

Such practical, funny advice, including a bit of a poke with the sharp tip of the blade.

Breathe. Breath.

The meaning of the word inspiration: to take in spirit. To take in spirit, to express spirit. To be truly ourselves.

This is the nature of life. This is our purpose in life.

On this Thanksgiving Day, remember to breathe. Enjoy simplicity.


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