Friday, February 2, 2018

A Family Celebration of Mom's Life

January 23 was when my brother and I celebrated my mom's life. Mom had wanted a small memorial service, so we planned a private ceremony with two cousins at Mom's home. Afterwards, neighbors visited to express their respect for Mom and their condolences at her passing. 

One neighbor said afterwards that she felt there was a warm, close feeling at the celebration. Sharing photos and stories about Mom and Dad, there was a true appreciation of our parents and their contribution to the little mobile home community where they lived for so many years. The time my brother and cousins spent together was also healing and unifying. We shared our memories and re-established our family ties. 

I am including in this post a poem I wrote and shared at our family service. I'm also including a video of photographs that provide a picture into the wonderful, loving life Mom lived. God bless her, and thanks to everyone who found a way to support me during this time of transition.

Prayer to Mom

you gave us everything.

You gave us life and warmth.
You taught us kindness.

To you, we give our thanks.
We give kindness to others,
As you taught us.

Your home was your chapel,
And we, your family, your congregation.
Through us you gave your devotion.

We hold you in our memory
As you held us in your arms.

We are your legacy.
In your name, we meet today,
And by celebrating you, we celebrate the divine.

As Mom is continuing her journey, I know she wants me to continue mine, to find the means to give love and happiness to those around me, to continue to grow in life, and to honor the women in my life all as representations of the Divine Mother. I look forward to my time with my loved ones and know that my mother will always be an inspiration to me.


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