Friday, May 21, 2010

Sustainable Transportation: Bicycling in Sun and Snow in Utrecht, Netherlands

I try to ride my bike as much as possible--in sun and rain and snow and wind.

Yes, sometimes I'm tired, so I don't. Or sometimes I feel the strain would be to much on my physiology, resulting in sickness. I try to be reasonable. My goal though (to repeat myself) is to ride my bike as much as possible.

That's why my wife and I share one family car and don't each have separate cars. This involves some planning and coordination, but that's what marriage is all about, right?

For those who seek to be "eco," I've embedded two videos showing bicyclers in the Netherlands: spring and winter. Be inspired to ride your bike!

Today it looks like rain, so I'll be wearing rain gear two days in a row!

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  1. I have a bike but it's standing, unpumped up, in my hall. Fair play to you! I don't like cycling where we're living at the moment because there's two roundabouts which force me to dismount and wait and it ruins everything! Do you have a nice cycling environment where you live? Jess.