Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maharishi School Contest to Improve Our School

Here is a very simple way to help Maharishi School to become even better.

Vote every day through a simple procedure so we can win a contest sponsored by Pepsi. The sign-up is easy. Below is the link:

Pepsi Refresh Project

The projects our school wishes to fund as are follows:
This year, our school has already won $50,000 in technological hardware and software from Samsung for our classrooms and computer labs, and $3,500 from Land's End for our Nature Explore Classroom.

Yes, I know these contests also promote the companies and their products--and the products of some companies lack the purity at this time that we would hope for. But as one colleague stated, "We support the positive and enlightened actions of all." Remember, also, that private schools are not funded by local, state, or federal government funds. We make our own way.

These contests are positive. Go to the voting link or project links above, and click on the projects to find out about the good things happening at our school and the good goals of our "partners," the Waters Ecology Program and the Skip Program.

In this time of economic downturn, creativity should be supported.

Other links for information about our school:
Feel free to pass on our Pepsi Refresh Contest link or to send a link of this blog post to a friend.

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