Monday, January 17, 2011

Published and Available for Purchase: Love Ya Like a Sister

This last week has been exciting!
  • Two boxes of my novel Love Ya Like a Sister arrived in the mail, and I sent copies to some of my early readers and supporters.
  • The novel was listed for sale via and Barnes & Noble.
  • I updated my website to reflect the novel's status change from "coming soon" to "available now."
  • The marketing process began--at this stage mainly sending social network letters to friends and colleagues informing them that the book was available. I also included links to my reading online to provide something for free.
  • Research on further marketing strategies, specifically an online "virtual tour" on blogs.
  • Research on creating an e-book of Love Ya Like a Sister.

I will continue to plan and execute activities to advertise my novel. One future activity will be a contest to expand my viewers/followers by giving away some of my novels. I'll let you all know when I have that planned.

I'm also very excited to get back to my writing by polishing one more time my fantasy novel The Stone Dragon. Early chapters of that are also available online. See the link tabs beneath this blog's masthead.

I have begun to receive some early feedback from people reading the novel.

My favorite so far?
"I'm really enjoying it. I started the reading the 4 free chapters, and now I, of course, will be buying the book since I want to read the rest. Right off the bat I'm recognizing certain expressions and the feeling of a 'shared language pool,' i.e. 'blowing chunks,' etc. I'm glad you're writing, Tom. You're a genius...."
I'm happy that someone thinks I'm a genius--even if it's because I know so many euphemisms for regurgitation. Ah, the advantages of teaching junior high school!

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