Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Image of Life Less Heated

After the big winter storm of 2011, snowdrifts ran in graceful curves over our house's fence--a perfect "Bering Strait" for the rabbits to travel to our inside bushes and shrubs.

I remember my sore back from shoveling out the cars so everyone could get to work, once the snowplow removed the two-foot drifts from the road.

It was cold, it was bright, it was blue ice and blue sky. It was a snow day, and school was out.

The woodstove radiated heat into the house. I lay on the sofa, reading a book--after having showered after three hours of shoveling snow.

Am I was thinking: "I can't wait for summer when it's so warm and pleasant. I'll even like the humidity!

Am I fickle or what!

The "Surf Iowa" photo was taken in my backyard to the west of the house. The garage had funneled the wind to create the "wave" of snow about five feet from the south side of the garage. I enjoyed the photographic moment, plopping down on my stomach in the snow to capture the right angle. Then I stood up, brushed myself off, and went inside to enjoy the photo while sitting next to the fire.

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