Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bicycle Commuter: Without a Car for Four Days

"Sure," I said to my wife, "you can take the car to the airport and leave it." After all, it was only four days, and I ride my bike to work most days, anyway.

Friday morning was a raining deluge, true adventure cycling weather. Rain whipped my face, and I squinted my eyes to see through the downpour. I lived through the southeastern Iowa gully-washer, though, with only a wet collar. It pays to have good rain gear.

Saturday and Sunday were hot and muggy, but the riding was easy--no big winds or rain. And Monday was cool and mild.

The difference between choosing to not drive the car and actually not having a car was interesting, though. The mind set was not the same. I knew I had no car and had to get to work, rain or shine, wind or calm. I knew the bike was the only way to go unless I wanted to bum a ride with a colleague or call a cab.

It's about two miles to work and town--no distance at all on a bicycle, once you get used to it. I saw all the cars, all the people in cars. It would be a different world if more people biked: a healthier world filled with healthier people.

It's May. Dust off that bicycle and take a spin. On a bike, you don't have to stop to smell the flowers.

Copyright 2012 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


  1. I have been taking advantage of the warm weather and new bike paths in my town to ride my bike more. I only have access to a car a few days/week, so I know what you mean - the choice is ride or walk, and I'd much rather ride!

  2. We've chosen to have one car in my family. Many days of the year I choose rain or cold or humidity or wind to order to have my independent vehicle--my bike! Thanks for the comment.