Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sustainable Memorial Day Weekend: Gardening and Camping

The weekend began with our car camping at our local state park, Lacey Keosauqua State Park

Although my wife and I have bike-camped there before, this time we drove by car because we were camping with family. It's difficult to bring toys and snacks for kids when you're biking. It's just 25 miles to the park.

A camp in the non-electric sector--the electric was RV City!
Early enough in the season to not be too green with algae.

The weekend promised to be hot, but the first day we set up camp and then spent the day at the lake. I managed to stay pretty cool in the water and not get sunburned. I love it when a plan turns out well!

Sunday morning dawned with temperatures near eighty degrees, so we packed up early and came home. There was supposed to be record-breaking heat, and we decided to end our camp trip on the upside.

We found our neighbor girls looking for excitement when we arrived home, so we recruited them for pea picking and shelling. They enjoyed themselves immensely--and also found time for trips to the strawberry and raspberry beds.

Searching for the elusive ripe pea pod . . .
They practiced "basketball" shots with the empty shells.
Teaching our children ecologically sustainable practices is important, and how fun to provide children with the experience that the outdoor and gardening can be fun!

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