Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Book on Writing: a CreateSpace Experiment

Using twenty essays taken from posts to this blog over the last three years, I Write: Being & Writing explores the nature of writing--focusing on the writer, the process of writing, and the written word.

I intend to use it in my classroom at Maharishi School and have added activities for writing and discussion that focus on educational psychologist's Robert Sternberg's different styles of learning: analytical, creative, and practical. Some of the essays in the first part of the book, "The Writer," focus on the relationship of consciousness and writing. I explore how Transcendental Meditation has helped me as a writer.

I'm seeing how easy it will be for students to do create their own book of writing with some guidance. It has taken about three weeks so far for me to compile the book. CreateSpace at Amazon has set up a pretty easy process (of course, I've published my other books using more advanced software). I'm not done yet but am getting close!

Here is the table of contents at this time:
  • The Writer    
  • 1    I Write: Being and Writing
  • 2    Privacy and the Inner Writer: the Man from Porlock    
  • 3    Thoughtful & Spontaneous Writing    
  • 4    Writing Without Focus to Discover Ideas    
  • 5    How Autobiographical Is Our Writing?    
  • 6    Finding Your Voice as a Writer    
  • 7    Voice and Vox Populi: a Divine Tension    
  • 8    Writing That Is Progressive & Evolutionary     
  • The Process of Writing    
  • 9    The Writing Process    
  • 10    Getting Ideas for Writing    
  • 11    How Does a Fiction Writer Organize Writing?    
  • 12    Choosing the Right Words    
  • 13    Expand Your Vocabulary: an Easy, Effective Approach    
  • 14    Sentence Fluency: the Flow of Consciousness    
  • The Written Word   
  • 15    Mechanics & Grammar: How Rough Is the Road?    
  • 16    Presentation: the Final Step of Writing    
  • 17    What to Learn from a Well-written, Effective E-mail    
  • 18    Kindle as a Writing Tool    
  • 19    Specific, Useful (and Positive) Comments    
  • 20    What’s the Difference Between a Writer & a Publisher?
 I'm looking forward to teaching these 21st century skills to my students. I Write: Being & Writing should be published by mid-August. Then I'll have a clear idea of how to structure the learning process for my students.

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