Monday, July 23, 2012

Run, Bike, Run, Walk, Run . . . Write

Run, Bike, Run, Walk, Run . . .

That's right, I've been exercising. It's not that I ever stopped exercising. I've ridden my bicycle regularly for years, and as a teacher, I am on my feet and moving all the time. I work in my garden.

It's just that now I've decided to be more organized, and what I'm finding is that my endurance is increasing. This is good.

I also discovered that although I had invested in good shoes for work, I had not for play, so I bought a good pair of running/walking shoes and a good pair of sandals in order to give my feet a break.

Rest and activity. Train, don't strain.

I'm not beating myself up, though. I run and walk alternatively, not just on alternating days but on my "jogging" days, too. There's no need to abuse the body, even though at first my body said, "What in the world are you doing, Tom!" I was firm and said, "Deal with it," with the realization that my purpose was to exercise, not to deal myself a healthy portion of masochistic pain.

So I'm off to exercise at dawn--the coolest time of the day (meant literally in this time of drought and heat).

Oh, and by the way, I'm also close to putting out another book--a non-fiction series of essays on writing, garnered from this writing blog. More on that later . . .

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