Monday, December 3, 2012

A December 2 Bike Ride

Such a nice weekend with temperatures in the 50's! I checked out our bikes, put air in the tires, and my wife and I went for a bike ride, about 7-8 miles, on Sunday morning.

Jefferson County Park trail
 We left our house and traveled the Fairfield Loop Trail (see map), following the old railroad route out to 8th Street (to the golf driving range) and then continuing on the cement bikeway to 22nd St. to Fesler's Auto. The new lime chip re-surfacing of the trail was firm, and the morning was cool and misty.

We continued on 22nd St. to the Cedar Creek entrance to Jefferson County Park, where we rode the trails to the W. Jackson exit at Oakwood Nursery. We met a couple of mountain bikers riding the trails, and they said we were "gutsy" riding the trails with our recumbents. I replied that we just had to go slowly, kind of like driving the Baja 500 in a Buick.

Riding through town, we hooked up with the trail again at the golf driving range and rode back home. We met a few other folks on the trail. Really, the weather was perfect for riding, neither cold nor hot, and with the clouds and mist, there was no worry of too much sun.

We are lucky to have the bicycling trails that we have here in Fairfield--and we were lucky to have a day warm enough in December to enjoy the trails!

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