Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crazy Guy on a Bike Dot Com

After my wonderful December bike ride with my wife last weekend, I've been enjoying journal accounts of bicyclists who chronicled their tours. The best site I've found so far is

With journals, reviews, articles, resources, a forum, and more, it is an online site to gain information or to just enjoy. I know that during the cold days of winter, I'll be spending some time enjoying the adventures of others.

Below are some images from some of the tours I've looked at. So far, I've looked at mostly recumbent tours because I've wanted to see how the bikes and owners fared on their journeys. Most are journals taken on the more traditional diamond frame bikes.

Touring the Southern USA
Burley Koosah Bikes, like Mine
Maine, Northern Route
Niagara Falls
Bear Glacier, Canada
Adventure Cycling Association Tour, Denali
ACA Tour, Denali
Teslin Lake, Yukon, Canada
Trans Am Route, near Baker City, OR
Reading these journals is quite a lot of fun. The pictures don't mention the grueling climbs, the brutal monotony, the heat exhaustion, the gnats, and the rocky, jarring roads and lumpy campsites. Keep the attention on the positive!


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