Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Bicycle Ride with My Montague Navigator at Riverbend Park, Oroville, California

It is such a joy to be able to travel by Amtrak with my Montague Navigator folding bicycle. Arriving at Oroville, California, to visit my family, I'm able to still take off and enjoy the ol' hometown of my birth in a slower, more enjoyable manner.

Chores is the theme of this visit to my parents--painting and driving almost every day. I've been riding some short rides of 3-5 miles, but the last two days this weekend I've gone a bit longer on my rides--twelve to fifteen miles. Today is Sunday, and I rode to Riverview Park along the Feather River.

I started with the 5.5-mile ride into Oroville. Stopping at the Subway for an avocado and cheese sub, I then did something unusual and stopped by Lots'a Java for a hot white mocha coffee. Riding to the river park, I ate half the sandwich and drank about two thirds of the coffee. (I tossed the rest of the coffee, wanting to sleep some tonight.) I then rode along the river on the park's trail for several miles. Returning home, I had a wonderful three and a half hour ride, finishing my sandwich when I arrived home.

Here are some photos of the day.

On the way to the river: California poppies in April

Just after stopping for a snack. Winter-pale but spring-happy.

On the Feather River trail--along with many others.

A pond down river from the park. Note my Iowa-white legs.

Just an Oroville boy fitting in: safari hat, "homeless" basket, and bandolier bike chain.

Love the Mediterranean climate foliage and the river sounds.

 I'll be taking my folding bike back to Iowa in a few days, returning by Amtrak. Spending a week and a half on the sofa in the front room of my parents' mobile home, it's good to get away on the bicycle and enjoy a little exercise, fresh air, and silence. It's been a beautiful spring visit.

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